A little before and after…

    For my regular sessions I dont really do too much post processing!

    Just a few curves adjustments, color fixes and sharpening!

    I just thought Id show you all a little before and after!


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    Falling feathers

    With just three days left to go before their time at Holloman AFB was up we finally managed to sneak in a session at Whitesands National monument in Alamogordo, NM

    (Can you believe their first time visiting!!)

    Now please dont worry!

    Not a single feather was left behind! I promise we caught them all!

    Ive been so lucky to have been this awesome familys photographer for the past couple of years!

    They’ve given me some amazing portraits such as This one  , This one and oh my goodness,  The very first session I did for this awesome family   Okay, come back already!  Enjoy your time in AZ Fendley family! You will be missed here!

    Alamogordo photographer facebook3

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    Kollner boys whitesands play session!

    This session, originally scheduled for in November finally happened this past weekend! Sickness and cold winter temps had us keep needing to re schedule!Luckily it starts warming up pretty early in the year here in Alamogordo and I dont think the weather could of been any more perfect! It was the most beautiful evening for these two little boys to run, crawl around and play in the sand!

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    A Weekend Unlike Any Other….

    When you’re packing your bags to leave reality behind for a few days, it’s enough stress to remember enough pairs of socks and your toothbrush. But as I packed for my whirlwind trip to this year’s National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) in Santa Barbara, Calif., my mind was fixated on a week full of education and inspiration from some of the best photographers in the country. What I didn’t expect was to return with so much more than I could ever have hoped for my career and professional future.

    At its core, NAPCP is an association whose mission is to promote and support the artistry and integrity of professional child photographers. Twice a year, the NAPCP hosts an international image competition where members can enter photographs in a number of categories. Some of my images have been recognized as part of this competition in the past, and this year, those images were considered for an even bigger award.

    I was chosen as the NAPCP 2016 Photographer of the Year. I essentially have to keep pinching myself to make sure it’s true!

    My winning photograph was featured on a digital billboard in New York City’s Times Square, which in and of itself, was a thrilling, beautiful and humbling experience.



    The award is based on several criteria: displaying a singular creative vision that inspires the NAPCP member community; professional integrity; consistently producing technically robust, magnificent work; NAPCP community involvement; and all-encompassing representation of the organization.


    Before receiving the award, I sat in on a class taught by the 2015 Photographer of the Year, Jennifer Kapala. She asked all of her students to write down their goals for the year. I quickly jotted down my goal of becoming the Photographer of the Year, but scribbled it out. I figured it was something I would work toward; that it was out of my grasp this year.

    Like I said: MIND BLOWN!

    I’d love to take a moment to thank Alice and Kyu Park, founders of the NAPCP organization. I owe so much to them, for giving me goals that I didn’t even know I wanted and for showing me places in this business for which to strive. This was my first NAPCP retreat, and after attending, I have a renewed sense of urgency to strive to be better and do more.

    There are so many names I could list here who have played such an important part of my journey: previous winners of this award who have reached out and gave me advice, mentors and friends. Above all, I’m grateful for every single one of my clients here in Alamogordo, NM and Clovis, NM who let me capture their lives and children in each and every session. Their trust is the biggest compliment I could ever receive.

    The entire experience doesn’t quite seem real. To say it’s an honor would be the ultimate understatement. So, thank you. It has been an honor to be a part of the NAPCP, to capture some beautiful moments for families across the country, and meet so many artists dedicated to the beauty of child photography.

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    Snow princess

    It seemed like I had been waiting forever for it to snow! So of course as soon as it did snow hard up in Cloudcroft we needed to drive up there from Alamogordo to do some snow princess sessions. We had some amazingly brave kids and teens come out and brave the cold for a few moments of feeling like a princess. But hopefully the images will last them a lifetime! Cloudcroft snow session

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